Leather Business Card Holder

Who says card holders should stay boring? Get an Old Angler leather business card holdertoday and be more professional and elegant!

As a business owner, or even just someone who works for a rather prestigious company, it is important to stay as dapper and professional as possible down to the smallest detail. While most people pay attention to the bags they use, they often overlook their leather card case. While it is not the biggest thing that will make a mark on your possible clients, leather card holders provide a satisfying sense of being more luxurious and present you as an authentic person.

Old Angler Card Holders

You can easily find bags and suitcases out there made of leather. But, it is quite a challenge to find a high-quality black leather card holder. With Old Angler’s line of card holder products, we just simply got you covered.

What makes our card holders stand out from the rest?

  • Italian Leather. Our card holders are made with real and authentic calfskin leather. We opted for it because out of all the leather types out there, it is the one with the highest quality because of its nature of being a full-grain leather, that provides durability and strength. Old Angler understands that your business cards are really important and it is vital that you keep them in perfect condition. And, you can only do that with an Old Angler’s durable leather card holder mens.
  • Style and Appeal. Card holders might be one of the last things on your list when it comes to style and fashion. But, believe us when we say that having a great card holder made with leather can add major points to your fashion sense! Old Angler creates amazingly-designed and well-conceptualised card holders to exude that luxurious, elegant, and professional vibe from you.
  • Safety and Security: We take our business cards everywhere we go. This means that we keep them in our pocket and if we do not use the right leather card holder wallet, they can be damaged while we move around. Old Angler card holders are very sturdy yet flexible. Moreover, they are water-resistant too. So, keeping your business cards with you anywhere you go will ensure that they are safe and secure no matter what condition they are in.
  • Affordability. When a card holder is made with real and authentic leather, they normally come at a quite higher price range compared to conventional card holders. Old Angler card holders are actually the most affordable product line. If you consider all the benefits and features of our card holders, add to that the fact that they last a very long time, you get more that’s worth your investment with these amazing card holders!