Mens Leather Backpack

Now, you can have the best of both worlds with a leather backpackfrom Old Angler!

Some people want a casual lifestyle while others want it to be a little more formal. But, what if we can combine both of these lifestyles with just one bag? Old Angler is thrilled to provide you with one of our most sought-after line of products so far! You can now upgrade your lifestyle and make a statement with our amazing leather backpacks!

Why Old Angler Leather Backpacks?

Backpacks are one of the most efficient bags that were ever created. They are easy to carry and they ensure safety and security to our things. It is already safe to say that backpacks have become a basic necessity. You would hardly find a person who does not own a backpack at least one point in their lives.

With this being said, why should you consider getting a genuine leather backpackfrom Old Angler?

  • Made of leather:First and foremost, our backpacks are made of authentic leather. We only use high-quality soft Italian calfskin leather when manufacturing our backpacks. This means that all our products are durable and can last almost a lifetime.
  • Attention to details: Having leather backpack bagsfor security purposes does not mean you will have to compromise style and design. Our backpacks at Old Angler are created in different designs and styles. There are backpacks with a lot of compartments for those who like to organise their things. And then, there are backpacks that are made with hardware constructions for those who want to sport their backpacks as part of their fashion statement. We literally have a backpack for every lifestyle!
  • Promises Versatility: Backpacks are really easy to carry. This is why a lot of people find it comfortable to use one wherever they go. Most travel using backpacks or work using a professional leather backpack. Because Old Angler backpacks are made of leather and they have both a casual and elegant style, they are perfect for all occasions!

The Importance of Choosing Leather

The leather is naturally a really durable material. This is why Old Angler chose to make bags using only the highest quality of leather in the market today. However, many businesses are taking advantage of the customer’s attraction to leather in a negative way, producing synthetic leather and selling them at cheaper prices without thinking about the quality of the material.

So, it is really important that you make sure that the leather material of the designer leather backpackyou buy is authentic and natural. Old Angler only uses Italian leather sourced from Italian calfskin. Here are the reasons why it is the best.

  • It is a full-grain leather — hence it is very durable because it is the topmost layer of the hide. Moreover, this layer is untreated so the natural colour and its authenticity are preserved.
  • It is ecologically sustainable. Because no treatment is done with Italian leather, there is no using of harmful chemicals.
  • It becomes better as it ages. Like wine, Italian leather can look a lot more precious as the years go by. This is totally opposite with synthetic leather that deteriorates when it is used for a long time.

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