Mens Leather Travel Bag

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How To Business Class without the Boarding Pass

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the look, feel and be treated like a business class passenger regardless of the seat number?

 The reality is that most of us make do with economy where short flights are not a problem. We’re OK with that.

 Even if you’re not the first to check in, take you seat or disembark you will get noticed. Business class may not be the always be the case, but you will feel like it on either side of the curtain.

 Walking down the aisle with leather bag in hand to take my seat, I noticed seated passengers looking up and towards me. It felt strange that I had their attention, but it did make me feel important, kinda like walking through a guard of honour as I walked to my allocated seat

 Flight attendants notice too and treated you properly. Fitting and finding room in the overhead locker a breeze with their help.

 Take off as the new you with a new style, sophistication and status.