Leather Portfolio

Old Angler provides even better products for professionals to look more elegant with our wide range of leather portfoliocovers!

As an employee, it is important that we keep our best work in a portfolio so we can show it off to clients and future employers and close a deal or get the job. But, what is the use of a portfolio if it does not provide the right protection to important documents and files?

Introducing Old Angler’s Portfolio Covers

Old Angler ensures that your best work is completely safe and secure with our amazing portfolio covers! Our company boasts products that are made with only the most exquisite material: Italian leather.

Why do we use Italian leather when creating a leather portfolio cover? It’s pretty simple. Take a look at the benefits below:

  • Italian leather is made from the topmost layer of a hid This means that it is a full-grain leather — the most durable and strong leather type.
  • There is no artificial treatment used with Italian leather because it comes with the amazing visuals of its natural colour. So, it is seriously authentic! Talk about a luxurious executive leather portfolio cover!
  • Because no treatment is needed, it feels guilt-free to use Italian leather knowing that no harmful chemicals are used that contributes to the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Lastly, it is like wine. The older it gets, the better-looking it becomes!

Why Old Angler Portfolio Covers?

An Old Angler leather business portfoliocover is created with not only the visual design in mind. It can actually provide a lot more benefits such as:

  • Durability:We cannot stress enough how Old Angler pays attention to the type of leather we use. We only use the best Italian leather from calfskin. This means that our portfolio covers are durable and strong. They take a lot of time before they become worn out, keeping your important business files inside your portfolio safe and untouched.
  • Natural Design:When it comes to portfolio covers, the simpler, the better. As much as possible, we keep the natural colour and characteristics of the Italian leather we use at Old Angler. A designer leather portfoliocover should not be the main attraction but it should look presentable so anyone who has their hands on your portfolio can look forward to even amazing content when they feel the naturalness of the leather.
  • Variety: Portfolio covers nowadays are made more complex. While there are still portfolio covers that are plain and simple, Old Angler levels it up by creating portfolio covers that contain a few compartments to help organise your portfolio even better. Moreover, some of the covers in our line also come with the most amazing hardware constructions that do not only contribute to its beauty but also serve useful functionalities.