Leather Bags for men

Getting professional, luxurious, and dapper has never been so easy until Old Angler came into the scene! You can now shop for the best leather bags for men at reasonable prices.

And, the best part — no animal is harmed for the sole purpose of making our leather products as we get our rawhides from the meat industry that would otherwise go to waste!

At Old Angler, we value quality and style above all. This is why we are committed to providing leather bags for all types of guys. Shop from our wide selection of Italian leather products so you can be more fashionable while maintaining your individuality as an alpha male!

Laptop Bags

One of our front liners is our wide range of leather laptop bags. We understand that most of us depend on our prized laptops to continue living our lifestyle by maintaining efficient work wherever we go. This is why we provide durable leather laptop bags to protect and safely carry your laptops when you are traveling across town or even abroad!

With our wide range of laptop bags, we are sure there is one made for a guy like you!

Messenger Bags

Not all men want to look strictly formal. Sometimes, they want to add spice to their fashion statement and use a leather messenger bag. Old Angler gives you the best of both worlds by letting you be more versatile with your fashion choices while maintaining that elegant look with a casual messenger bag made from authentic leather.

Of course, we do not compromise the quality and durability of our messenger bags. Carry them around all day, every day and you will be surprised at how long they can last.


They say that the ultimate tool of a professional working man is his briefcase. There is just something so luxurious and professional when you look at a man carrying an intricately-made leather briefcase on one hand. Let Old Angler be your best friend. We have a wide array of briefcases in all their types in our catalog.

No matter what you choose, we assure that you will look sleeker and more dapper with our briefcases!

Travel Bags

Who says traveling cannot look exquisite? With our leather travel bagsat Old Angler, you can transform your travel plans to a whole new level. Carry your essentials with you in one of our handmade leather duffel bags and strut the airport in style!

Our duffel bags are created to provide better organisation and comfort to guys who prefer a busy lifestyle that gets them always on the move.


Going to work? Let Old Angler help you upgrade your commuting fashion with a leather backpack! Not only are they stylish and elegant but they are also durable and strong. Moreover, they keep your belongings safe and secure as you walk down the street with your hands-free!

Portfolio Covers

For a working man like you, a portfolio is pretty much like an extension of your life’s achievements. This is why Old Angler created a line of simple but attractive and durable leather portfoliocovers to protect your portfolio from being exposed to external damaging factors.

Now, you do not have to worry about losing your best work and you will feel more confident that you can close the deal because you put a lot of thought even with the cover of your portfolio!

You would not find any other store out there that would sell this wide selection of leather bags. Shop at Old Angler now!