About Us

Italian leather craftsmanship straight from Tuscany. Our roots date back to 1957 when Luciano Lucenti started production as a leather craftsman and artisan in the heart of Florence. Founded in 1990 by Luciano Lucenti, his daughter Elisabetta and her husband Mario Bartolini.

Each leather briefcase, travel bag, handbag and accessory is absolutely unique thanks to the careful attention that goes into every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the selection of materials to artisan craftsmanship.

At Old Angler, we continually strive to exceed all quality expectations. In October 1998, we were one of the first Italian leather factories to obtain the Quality System Certificate from the Institute for Quality Certification for the leather industry (Istituto di Certificazione della Qualità or ICEC).

Today, we maintain these elevated quality standards at every step of the production and purchasing process, and take great pride in providing nothing but the best in customer service and assistance to our clients.


Vision: To be in the hand, heart and head of any professional that cares to carry them self with status and style. 

Mission: Produce and deliver superior Italian leather bags handcrafted in Florence from certified Italian leather. Established in 1990, all products are designed in harmony with modern and mobile lifestyles whilst preserving centuries old expert craftsmanship and quality ‘Florentine Cuoio’ leather tanning processes.

 Values: Old Angler’s Art of Production Four Principles:

Quality Guarantee: 2 year guarantee. During which time any and all product malfunctions will be repaired free of charge (does not include damage to product due to inappropriate use or treatment). Compliance with ISO 9001 quality regulations, having received the Quality Certificate in 1998, and continue to develop and improve our own quality standards based on the needs of the market and our customers.

EnvironmentAll items are made with vegetable tanned leather, lined with 100% cotton fabric or leather. The materials that make up our products are either recyclable and bio-degradable or have a low environmental impact. No animal is killed for the sole purpose of leather making, all rawhides are recycled by-products from the meat industry that are otherwise discarded as waste.

EthicsAll of our employees are expert craftsman with extensive experience in the leather industry and registered members of the Florence Camera di Commercio. We seek to set an example for all manufactures by taking a stance against child labour and under the table work, and closely following the ethics standard SA8000 to eventually receive the Quality Certificate in the near future.

Research: We work closely with our most important collaborators, our clients, to create new product collections and models based on their input